14:00-16:00Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular CarcinomaModerator:
Mohsen Nasiri-Toosi

Hossein Ghanaati
Siavosh Mansouri
Sodeif Darvish Moghadam
Nader Safarian
14:00-14:20Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Staging of HCCMohsen Nassiri-Toosi(Iran)
14:20-14:35Update of Interventional Procedures for HCCHossein Ghanaati(Iran)
14:35-14:50Applications of UES in Liver DiseasesSiavosh Mansouri(Iran)
14:50-15:10Targeted Therapy for HCCNader Safarian(Iran)
15:10-15:20O35 Expression Pattern of P53 and Ki-67 in HBV Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Quantitative Real-Time PCR and Immunohistochemical StudyBita Moudi(Iran)
15:20-15:30O169 Study on Plasma Levels of miRNA-625 in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis in Comparison with Healthy ControlsMohabbat Ghaempoor(Iran)
15:30-15:40O189 Application of Non-Mixture Long-Term Models in Survival Analysis of Cirrhotic PatientsSaeede Khosravi Bizhaem(Iran)