13:00-14:30Liver Fibrosis and End-stage Liver DiseasesModerator: Mohsen Nassiri-Toosi
Simin Dashti
Niloofar Ayoobi Yazdi
Saeid Ghavami
13:00-13:15Effect of End-stage Liver Disease on Drugs Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic
Simin Dashti (Iran)
13:15-13:30Coagulopathies in Patients with End-stage Liver DiseaseMohsen Nassiri-Toosi (Iran)
13:30-13:45Imaging Findings and Interpretation in Patients with End-stage Liver DiseaseNiloofar Ayoobi Yazdi(Iran)
13:45-14:00Selection of Patients with End-stage Liver Disease for Liver TransplantationMohsen Nassiri-Toosi (Iran)
14:00-14:15Liver Fibrosis in HBV or HCV Infected Patients: Role of Autophagy and Unfolded Protein ResponseSaeid Ghavami (Canada)
14:15-14:25O22 ‘‘Normal’’ Liver Stiffness Measure (LSM) Values are Higher in Both Lean and Obese Individuals: A Population Based Study from a Developing Country
Ritwick Mondal (India)