14:30-16:00Viral Hepatitis and Socio-preventive MedicineModerator:
Mohammad Reza Hedayati-Moghaddam

Tolou Hasandokht
Leila Seddigh
Masoud Behzadifar
14:30-14:45A Review on Social Interventions for Prevention and Control of Viral HepatitisTolou Hasandokht(Iran)
14:45-15:00A Review on Last Iranian Schedule and Guideline of HBV Immunization (2015)Mohammad Reza Hedayati-Moghaddam(Iran)
15:00-15:15Intrafamilial Seropositivity of Hepatitis in Patients with Hepatitis B and C VirusLeila Seddigh(Iran)
15:15-15:30Evaluation of Scientific Evidences of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses on Hepatitis in IranMasoud Behzadifar(Iran)