Virus-Host Cell Interactions and Pathogenesis of Viral HepatitisModerator: Behzad Yeganeh

Thomas I. Michalak
Pascal Pineau
Mohamad Reza Aghasadeghi
Seyed Reza Mohebbi
Esmaeil Sanei-moghadam 
10:30-10:45Impact of Autophagy and Apoptosis on Viral HepatitisBehzad Yeganeh (Canada)
10:45-11:05Immunopathology and Molecular Pathogenesis of Viral HepatitisThomas I. Michalak (Canada)
11:05-11:25Genotype F of Hepatitis B Virus: Benign Commensal or Stealth Destroyer?Pascal Pineau (France)
11:25-11:35O162 Protective Effect of Opuntia Extracts against Menadione-Induced Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in Cultured HepG2 CellsSajedeh Sadat Mirshahvalad (Iran)
11:35-11:45O30 Protective Role of Specific Pathogen Free Microbiota in Bile Duct Ligated and CCL4 Treated MiceSheiad Moghadamrad (Switzerland)
11:45-11:55O159 Oxidative DNA Damage in Association with HBsAg in Chronic Hepatitis B PatientsAshraf Mohamadkhani (Iran)